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Graham Greene

English writer, playwright and literary critic (1904-1991).

Born October 2nd, 1904 in Berkhamsted. [ref]

Died April 3rd, 1991 at 86 years old in Vevey (leukemia). [ref]

autobiographer, children's writer, journalist, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, writer

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Graham Henry Greene, beloved British author and playwright, who died peacefully on April 3, 1991 at the age of 86. Born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire on October 2, 1904, Greene was known for his many notable works, such as Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, The Third Man, and The End of the Affair. The acclaimed author enjoyed success throughout his life, with his works often focusing on international themes, conflicted morality, and the “romantic clashing with the comic”. For his creative genius, he was awarded an honorary Order of Merit in 1986. Greene was a beloved father of two, and an avid traveler, who spent much of his life abroad. He was known for his sharp wit and dry humour, and will be fondly remembered for his kind and gentle demeanour. Greene’s legacy lives on through his written works, and the impact he has made in the literary community. He will be remembered and greatly missed by his family, friends, and many admirers.

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