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February 4th

150 Notable deaths

Karen Carpenter

American singer and musician (1950–1983).

Born March 2nd, 1950 in Yale – New Haven Hospital. [ref]

Died February 4th, 1983 at 32 years old in Downey Regional Medical Center (anorexia nervosa). [ref]


American pianist (1919–1987).

Born May 16th, 1919 in West Allis.

Died February 4th, 1987 at 67 years old in Palm Springs (pneumonia).

John Mahoney

American actor (1940-2018).

Born June 20th, 1940 in Blackpool.

Died February 4th, 2018 at 77 years old in Chicago (head and neck cancer). [ref]

Dave Mirra

American bmx rider.

Born April 4th, 1974 in Chittenango.

Died February 4th, 2016 at 41 years old in Greenville (shot to the head). [ref]

Satyendra Nath Bose

Indian physicist and polymath (1894–1974).

Born January 1st, 1894 in Kolkata. [ref]

Died February 4th, 1974 at 80 years old in Kolkata.

Maurice White

American musician, founder of earth, wind & fire (1941-2016).

Born December 19th, 1941 in Memphis.

Died February 4th, 2016 at 74 years old in Los Angeles (Parkinson's disease).

Carl Rogers

American psychologist.

Born January 8th, 1902 in Oak Park. [ref]

Died February 4th, 1987 at 85 years old in La Jolla. [ref]

Ossie Davis

American actor, director, poet, playwright, writer, and social activist (1917-2005).

Born December 18th, 1917 in Georgia.

Died February 4th, 2005 at 87 years old in Miami.

Patricia Highsmith

American novelist and short story writer.

Born January 19th, 1921 in Fort Worth. [ref]

Died February 4th, 1995 at 74 years old in Locarno (lung cancer, aplastic anemia). [ref]

Neal Cassady

American writer (1926–1968).

Born February 8th, 1926 in Salt Lake City. [ref]

Died February 4th, 1968 at 41 years old in San Miguel de Allende (kidney failure, hypothermia).

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