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J. Paul Getty

American industrialist and art collector (1892-1976).

Born December 15th, 1892 in Minneapolis.

Died June 6th, 1976 at 83 years old in Guildford (heart failure). [ref]

art collector, autobiographer, entrepreneur

J. Paul Getty, one of the leading figures in the international oil industry and one of the wealthiest men in the world, died at his London home at the age of 83 on June 6th 1976. Born Jean Paul Getty in Minneapolis, on December 15th, 1892, the future tycoon inherited a passion for business from his father, George Franklin Getty. J. Paul quickly established himself as a confident leader in the oil industry through his California-based Pacific Western Oil Corporation. Upon the success of that enterprise, he formed the larger Getty Oil Company in the 1950s, which eventually became the prominent Getty Oil. The magnate, who was nicknamed the billionaire “Uncle Pennybags”, was known for both his business savvy and his incredibly generous nature. Throughout his life, he donated large sums to numerous educational and cultural institutions, most notably making a three million dollar donation to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In his later years, J. Paul Getty made the decision to return to England, where he lived with his second wife until his death. His contributions to the oil industry and the world remain significant and his legacy will endure.

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