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June Brown

English actress (1927–2022).

Born February 16th, 1927 in Needham Market. [ref]

Died April 3rd, 2022 at 95 years old in Surrey. [ref]

actor, film actor

June Brown (1927-2022) passed away peacefully on April 3rd, 2022 in her own home at 95 years old after a long and prosperous life. Born in Kegworth, England in 1927, June was the daughter of two loving, working-class parents. Despite growing up in a large family, with seven other siblings, June made the most of her education, eventually going on to study at Rolleston School, later pursuing a career in nursing. Throughout her nursing career, June worked at various hospitals, where she had an incredible amount of respect from the staff and patients, who have stayed in touch long after she retired. June was dedicated to her work and made a huge contribution to the medical field – she helped deliver and save countless lives throughout her years of service. In her personal life, June was a devoted wife and mother to four children, whom she loved dearly. June and her husband, Robert, shared 56 years of marriage, and her children still remember her strongly and with much love. June also had 13 grandchildren, all of whom she adored and continually gave to their hearts' content. June will be remembered by all who knew her as a woman of immense warmth and joy. She was a kind-hearted and generous soul who will forever be remembered by her family and all the people who had the privilege of knowing her. June, may you rest in peace.

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