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Frederick Trump

German-born american businessman.

Born March 14th, 1869 in Kallstadt.

Died May 27th, 1918 at 49 years old in Woodhaven (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

barber, businessperson, hotel manager, restaurateur

Frederick Trump was born in March 1869, in Kallstadt, Germany. On May 27th, 1918, Frederick Trump passed away at the age of 49. Frederick immigrated to the United States in 1885 as a teenager. He was a successful hotelier and businessman, and is the grandfather of the 45th President of the United States of America. Initially settling in Seattle, Washington, Frederick Trump opened The Bon Marché, a hotel restaurant, at the age of 23. After a few years in the Northwest, Frederick moved to the Alaskan Gold Rush to set up a series of restaurants and bars in partnership with his brother, John. Late in life, Frederick returned to Germany for a time, where he had his son, Fred Trump, before reuniting with his wife and returning to New York. He and his wife Elizabeth settled in Queens, where they owned and ran a rental property business into the late 19th Century. Frederick Trump’s legacy lives on in his family, generations later.

Those men who, in war, seek to preserve their lives at any rate commonly die with shame and ignominy, while those who look upon death as common to all, and unavoidable, and are only solicitous to die with honour, oftener arrive at old age and, while they live, live happier. Xenophon