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16 Notable deaths
 by 1918-1920 flu pandemic

Frederick Trump

German-born american businessman.

Born March 14th, 1869 in Kallstadt.

Died May 27th, 1918 at 49 years old in Woodhaven (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

Egon Schiele

Austrian painter (1890-1918).

Born June 12th, 1890 in Tulln an der Donau. [ref]

Died October 31st, 1918 at 28 years old in Vienna (1918-1920 flu pandemic). [ref]

Guillaume Apollinaire

French poet.

Born August 26th, 1880 in Rome. [ref]

Died November 9th, 1918 at 38 years old in Paris (1918-1920 flu pandemic). [ref]

Muhammad ʿAbdallah Hasan

Emir of diiriye guure and the dervish state (1856-1920).

Born April 7th, 1856 in Buuhoodle, Sacmadeeqa.

Died December 21st, 1920 at 64 years old in Imi, Ethiopia (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

Edmond Rostand

French poet and dramatist (1868–1918).

Born April 1st, 1868 in Marseille. [ref]

Died December 2nd, 1948 at 80 years old in Paris (1918-1920 flu pandemic). [ref]

Ivan Cankar

Slovene writer, playwright, essayist, poet and political activist (1876-1918).

Born May 10th, 1876 in Vrhnika.

Died December 11th, 1918 at 42 years old in Ljubljana (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

Prince Erik, Duke of Västmanland

Swedish prince (1889-1918).

Born April 20th, 1889 in Drottningholm Palace. [ref]

Died September 20th, 1918 at 29 years old in Drottningholm Palace (1918-1920 flu pandemic). [ref]

Vera Kholodnaya

First star of russian silent cinema.

Born August 5th, 1893 in Poltava.

Died February 17th, 1919 at 25 years old in Odesa (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

Byam Shaw

British painter, illustrator, designer and teacher (1872-1919).

Born November 13th, 1872 in Chennai. [ref]

Died January 26th, 1919 at 46 years old in London (1918-1920 flu pandemic). [ref]

Prince Umberto, Count of Salemi

Italian prince (1889-1918).

Born June 22nd, 1889 in Turin.

Died October 19th, 1918 at 29 years old in Crespano del Grappa (1918-1920 flu pandemic).

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