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Ritchie Valens

American singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Born May 13th, 1941 in Pacoima. [ref]

Died February 3rd, 1959 at 17 years old in Clear Lake (aviation accident). [ref]

composer, guitarist, singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter

Ritchie Valens (May 13, 1941- February 3, 1959), singer, guitarist, and composer, passed away aged 17 in a plane crash on February 3rd, 1959. He is known for his hit "La Bamba", as well as their cover of Dobie Grey's "Donna" and his self-penned "Come On, Let's Go". Valens was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of a Mexican-American father and a Basque mother. He learned to play guitar from his uncle at the age of 8, and turned to music as an outlet for both self-expression and stardom. He is revered for being one of the first Chicano rock'n'rollers, blending rock and roll with traditional Mexican music. His unique sound, energetic stage performances, and heartthrob status made him an icon in contemporary Latin music. Ritchie Valens achieved great success in a brief musical career, starting Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2001. His outstanding contribution to the music industry will be remembered by fans, friends, and family forever.

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