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 by aviation accident


American singer, actress, and model (1979–2001).

Born January 16th, 1979 in Brooklyn.

Died August 25th, 2001 at 22 years old in Marsh Harbour (aviation accident).

John F. Kennedy Jr.

American attorney.

Born November 25th, 1960 in Washington, D.C.. [ref]

Died July 16th, 1999 at 38 years old in Atlantic Ocean (aviation accident). [ref]

Audie Murphy

American soldier, actor, songwriter (1925–1971).

Born June 20th, 1925 in Hunt County. [ref]

Died May 28th, 1971 at 45 years old in Roanoke (aviation accident). [ref]

Stevie Ray Vaughan

American blues guitarist (1954–1990).

Born October 3rd, 1954 in Dallas. [ref]

Died August 27th, 1990 at 35 years old in East Troy (aviation accident). [ref]

Ritchie Valens

American singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Born May 13th, 1941 in Pacoima. [ref]

Died February 3rd, 1959 at 17 years old in Clear Lake (aviation accident). [ref]

Yuri Gagarin

Soviet pilot and cosmonaut, first human in space (1934–1968).

Born March 9th, 1934 in Klushino. [ref]

Died March 27th, 1968 at 34 years old in Novosyolovo (aviation accident). [ref]

Rocky Marciano

American boxer (1923-1969).

Born September 1st, 1923 in Brockton.

Died August 31st, 1969 at 45 years old in Newton (aviation accident).

Otis Redding

American singer, songwriter and record producer (1941-1967).

Born September 9th, 1941 in Dawson. [ref]

Died December 10th, 1967 at 26 years old in Madison (aviation accident). [ref]

Ricky Nelson

American musician (1940-1985).

Born May 8th, 1940 in Teaneck. [ref]

Died December 31st, 1985 at 45 years old in Dallas (aviation accident). [ref]

Jenni Rivera

American singer (1969–2012).

Born July 2nd, 1969 in Long Beach.

Died December 9th, 2012 at 43 years old in Monterrey (aviation accident). [ref]

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