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In the year 1998

583 Notable deaths

Frank Sinatra

American singer and actor (1915–1998).

Born December 12th, 1915 in Hoboken. [ref]

Died May 14th, 1998 at 82 years old in Los Angeles (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Phil Hartman

Canadian american actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic (1948-1998).

Born September 24th, 1948 in Brantford. [ref]

Died May 28th, 1998 at 49 years old in Encino (ballistic trauma). [ref]

Pol Pot

Former general secretary of the communist party of kampuchea.

Born May 19th, 1928 in Prek Sbauv. [ref]

Died April 15th, 1998 at 69 years old in Anlong Veng District. [ref]

James Earl Ray

American assassin of martin luther king jr..

Born March 10th, 1928 in Alton.

Died April 23rd, 1998 at 70 years old in Nashville (hepatitis C).

Sonny Bono

American entertainer, musician and politician (1935-1998).

Born February 16th, 1935 in Detroit. [ref]

Died January 5th, 1998 at 62 years old in Stateline (skiing accident). [ref]

George Wallace

45th governor of alabama (1919-1998).

Born August 25th, 1919 in Clio. [ref]

Died September 13th, 1998 at 79 years old in Montgomery (Parkinson's disease).

Linda McCartney

American photographer, recording artist (1941-1998).

Born September 24th, 1941 in Scarsdale. [ref]

Died April 17th, 1998 at 56 years old in Tucson (breast cancer). [ref]

Matthew Shepard

American student and murder victim.

Born December 1st, 1976 in Casper.

Died October 12th, 1998 at 21 years old in Fort Collins (torture). [ref]

Florence Griffith Joyner

American track and field athlete (1959-1998).

Born December 21st, 1959 in Los Angeles.

Died September 21st, 1998 at 38 years old in Mission Viejo (epilepsy).

Akira Kurosawa

Japanese film maker (1910-1998).

Born March 23rd, 1910 in Shinagawa-ku. [ref]

Died September 6th, 1998 at 88 years old in Setagaya-ku (watershed stroke). [ref]

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