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Dead at age 27

170 Notable deaths

Kurt Cobain

American singer, musician, and songwriter.

Born February 20th, 1967 in Aberdeen. [ref]

Died April 5th, 1994 at 27 years old in Seattle (ballistic trauma). [ref]

Amy Winehouse

British singer and songwriter (1983–2011).

Born September 14th, 1983 in London, Southgate. [ref]

Died July 23rd, 2011 at 27 years old in London Borough of Camden, London (intoxication). [ref]

Aaron Hernandez

American convicted murderer and football player (1989-2017).

Born November 6th, 1989 in Bristol.

Died April 19th, 2017 at 27 years old in Lancaster (hanging). [ref]

Jimi Hendrix

American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Born November 27th, 1942 in Seattle. [ref]

Died September 18th, 1970 at 27 years old in Kensington (pulmonary emphysema). [ref]

Andrew Cunanan

American spree killer (1969–1997).

Born August 31st, 1969 in National City.

Died July 23rd, 1997 at 27 years old in Miami Beach Architectural District (ballistic trauma).

Anton Yelchin

American film and television actor (1989-2016).

Born March 11th, 1989 in Saint Petersburg.

Died June 19th, 2016 at 27 years old in Studio City (traumatic asphyxia). [ref]

Jim Morrison

American singer; lead vocalist of the doors (1943–1971).

Born December 8th, 1943 in Melbourne. [ref]

Died July 3rd, 1971 at 27 years old in Paris (cardiac arrest). [ref]

Janis Joplin

American singer (1943–1970).

Born January 19th, 1943 in Port Arthur. [ref]

Died October 4th, 1970 at 27 years old in Hollywood (opioid overdose). [ref]

Jean-Michel Basquiat

American artist (1960-1988).

Born December 22nd, 1960 in Brooklyn. [ref]

Died August 12th, 1988 at 27 years old in New York City (drug overdose). [ref]

Jonathan Brandis

American actor (1976-2003).

Born April 13th, 1976 in Danbury.

Died November 12th, 2003 at 27 years old in Los Angeles (hanging).

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