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5 Notable deaths
 by pneumonia, stroke

Miles Davis

American jazz musician (1926–1991).

Born May 26th, 1926 in Alton. [ref]

Died September 28th, 1991 at 65 years old in Santa Monica (pneumonia, stroke). [ref]

Mary Ingalls

Elder sister of author laura ingalls wilder.

Born January 10th, 1865 in Wisconsin.

Died October 20th, 1928 at 63 years old in Keystone (pneumonia, stroke).

Joy Page

American actress (1924-2008).

Born November 9th, 1924 in Los Angeles.

Died April 18th, 2008 at 83 years old in Los Angeles (pneumonia, stroke). [ref]

François Coty

French perfumer, businessman, newspaper publisher, politician and patron of the arts (1874-1934).

Born May 3rd, 1874 in Ajaccio. [ref]

Died July 25th, 1934 at 60 years old in Louveciennes (pneumonia, stroke). [ref]

Matthew Beard

Actor (1925-1981).

Born January 1st, 1925 in Los Angeles.

Died January 8th, 1981 at 56 years old in Los Angeles (pneumonia, stroke).

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