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8 Notable deaths
 by uremia

Ida B. Wells

African-american civil rights activist (1862–1931).

Born July 16th, 1862 in Holly Springs. [ref]

Died March 25th, 1931 at 68 years old in Chicago (uremia). [ref]

Yuan Shikai

Chinese military and government official (1859-1916).

Born September 16th, 1859 in Xiangcheng City.

Died June 6th, 1916 at 56 years old in Beijing (uremia).

Margaret Woodrow Wilson

Acting first lady of the united states (1914-1915).

Born April 16th, 1886 in Georgia.

Died February 12th, 1944 at 57 years old in Pondicherry (uremia).

Kuroda Seiki

Japanese artist (1866-1924).

Born August 9th, 1866 in Higashisengoku-chō.

Died July 15th, 1924 at 57 years old in Tokyo City (uremia). [ref]

Kitarō Nishida

Japanese philosopher.

Born May 19th, 1870 in Kahoku.

Died June 7th, 1945 at 75 years old in Kamakura (uremia). [ref]

Jack Pierce

American makeup artist (1889-1968).

Born May 5th, 1889 in Greece.

Died July 19th, 1968 at 79 years old in Hollywood (uremia).

Miguel Fleta

Spanish operatic tenor.

Born December 1st, 1897 in Albalate de Cinca. [ref]

Died May 29th, 1938 at 40 years old in A Coruña (uremia). [ref]

Saneatsu Mushanokōji

Japanese artist (1885-1976).

Born May 12th, 1885 in Kōjimachi-ku.

Died April 9th, 1976 at 90 years old in Jikei University Daisan Hospital (uremia).

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