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In the year 1944

561 Notable deaths

Erwin Rommel

German field marshal of world war ii.

Born November 15th, 1891 in Heidenheim an der Brenz. [ref]

Died October 14th, 1944 at 52 years old in Herrlingen (cyanide poisoning). [ref]

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark

Greece prince; father of prince philip, duke of edinburgh (1882-1944).

Born February 2nd, 1882 in Tatoi Palace.

Died December 3rd, 1944 at 62 years old in Hotel Metropole.

Florence Foster Jenkins

American soprano, renowned for her lack of musical skill and singing ability.

Born July 19th, 1868 in Pennsylvania.

Died November 26th, 1944 at 76 years old in New York City (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

German army officer and aristocrat.

Born November 15th, 1907 in Jettingen-Scheppach. [ref]

Died July 21st, 1944 at 36 years old in Bendlerblock (ballistic trauma).

Wassily Kandinsky

Russian painter (1866–1944).

Born December 16th, 1866 in Moscow. [ref]

Died December 14th, 1944 at 77 years old in Neuilly-sur-Seine (stroke). [ref]

Glenn Miller

American big band musician, arranger, composer and bandleader (1904-1944).

Born March 1st, 1904 in Clarinda. [ref]

Died December 15th, 1944 at 40 years old in English Channel (aviation accident). [ref]

Edvard Munch

Norwegian painter (1863–1944).

Born December 12th, 1863 in Ådalsbruk. [ref]

Died January 23rd, 1944 at 80 years old in Ekely. [ref]

Piet Mondrian

Dutch painter (1872–1944).

Born March 7th, 1872 in Amersfoort. [ref]

Died February 1st, 1944 at 71 years old in New York City (pneumonia). [ref]

William James Sidis

American child prodigy (1898-1944).

Born April 1st, 1898 in Manhattan.

Died July 17th, 1944 at 46 years old in Boston (cerebral hemorrhage).

Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom

Fifth daughter and youngest child of queen victoria and prince albert (1857-1944).

Born April 14th, 1857 in Buckingham Palace.

Died October 26th, 1944 at 87 years old in Brantridge Park.

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