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July 17th

180 Notable deaths

Nicholas II of Russia

Last emperor of russia and saint.

Born May 18th, 1868 in Pushkin. [ref]

Died July 17th, 1918 at 50 years old in Yekaterinburg (ballistic trauma).

Billie Holiday

American jazz singer (1915-1959).

Born April 7th, 1915 in Philadelphia. [ref]

Died July 17th, 1959 at 44 years old in Metropolitan Hospital Center (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Youngest daughter of emperor nicholas ii and empress alexandra feodorovna of russia.

Born June 18th, 1901 in Petergof.

Died July 17th, 1918 at 17 years old in Ipatiev House (ballistic trauma).

John Coltrane

American jazz saxophonist (1926–1967).

Born September 23rd, 1926 in Hamlet. [ref]

Died July 17th, 1967 at 40 years old in Huntington, New York City (liver failure, liver cancer). [ref]

Alexandra Feodorovna

Wife and consort of nicholas ii of russia.

Born June 6th, 1872 in Darmstadt.

Died July 17th, 1918 at 46 years old in Yekaterinburg (ballistic trauma).

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Wife of john f. kennedy jr..

Born January 6th, 1966 in White Plains.

Died July 17th, 1999 at 33 years old in Martha's Vineyard (aircraft crash).

Jules Bianchi

French motor racing driver.

Born August 3rd, 1989 in Nice. [ref]

Died July 17th, 2015 at 25 years old in Nice (diffuse axonal injury). [ref]

Edward Heath

Prime minister of the united kingdom from 1970 to 1974.

Born July 9th, 1916 in Broadstairs.

Died July 17th, 2005 at 89 years old in Salisbury (pneumonia).

Walter Cronkite

American broadcast journalist (1916-2009).

Born November 4th, 1916 in St. Joseph. [ref]

Died July 17th, 2009 at 92 years old in New York City (stroke). [ref]

Ty Cobb

American baseball player.

Born December 18th, 1886 in Narrows.

Died July 17th, 1961 at 74 years old in Atlanta (prostate cancer).

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