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98 Notable deaths
 by liver cirrhosis

Billie Holiday

American jazz singer (1915-1959).

Born April 7th, 1915 in Philadelphia. [ref]

Died July 17th, 1959 at 44 years old in Metropolitan Hospital Center (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Shashi Kapoor

Indian film actor and producer (1938–2017).

Born March 18th, 1938 in Kolkata.

Died December 4th, 2017 at 79 years old in Mumbai (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Lou Reed

American musician (1942–2013).

Born March 2nd, 1944 in Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. [ref]

Died October 27th, 2013 at 69 years old in East Hampton (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Joseph McCarthy

American politician and attorney (1908–1957).

Born November 14th, 1908 in Grand Chute. [ref]

Died May 2nd, 1957 at 48 years old in Bethesda (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

John Cassavetes

American actor, film director, and screenwriter (1929-1989).

Born December 9th, 1929 in New York City. [ref]

Died February 3rd, 1989 at 59 years old in Los Angeles (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Mickey Mantle

American baseball player.

Born October 20th, 1931 in Spavinaw.

Died August 13th, 1995 at 63 years old in Spavinaw (liver cirrhosis).

Meena Kumari

Indian actress and poet.

Born August 1st, 1933 in Dadar.

Died March 31st, 1972 at 38 years old in Mumbai (liver cirrhosis).

Ottis Toole

American serial killer, arsonist, cannibal, and necrophile.

Born March 5th, 1947 in Jacksonville.

Died September 15th, 1996 at 49 years old in Raiford (liver cirrhosis).

Elizabeth Peña

American actress and director (1959-2014).

Born September 23rd, 1959 in Elizabeth. [ref]

Died October 14th, 2014 at 55 years old in Los Angeles (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

Erik Satie

French composer and pianist (1866-1925).

Born May 17th, 1866 in Honfleur. [ref]

Died July 1st, 1925 at 59 years old in Arcueil (liver cirrhosis). [ref]

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