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June 25th

134 Notable deaths

Michael Jackson

American singer, songwriter, and dancer (1958–2009).

Born August 29th, 1958 in Gary. [ref]

Died June 25th, 2009 at 50 years old in Los Angeles (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Fred Trump

American real estate developer; father of donald trump.

Born October 11th, 1905 in The Bronx.

Died June 25th, 1999 at 93 years old in New Hyde Park (pneumonia).

Farrah Fawcett

American actress (1947–2009).

Born February 2nd, 1947 in Corpus Christi. [ref]

Died June 25th, 2009 at 62 years old in Santa Monica (colorectal cancer). [ref]

Richard Benjamin Harrison

American pawnbroker and television personality (1941-2018).

Born March 4th, 1941 in Danville.

Died June 25th, 2018 at 77 years old in Las Vegas (Parkinson's disease). [ref]

Jacques Cousteau

French naval officer who co-invented open circuit demand scuba.

Born June 11th, 1910 in Saint-André-de-Cubzac. [ref]

Died June 25th, 1997 at 87 years old in 17th arrondissement of Paris (acute myocardial infarction). [ref]

Hillel Slovak

Israeli-american musician (1962–1988).

Born April 13th, 1962 in Haifa.

Died June 25th, 1988 at 26 years old in Hollywood (opiod overdose).

Charles Starkweather

American spree killer (1938-1959).

Born November 24th, 1938 in Lincoln.

Died June 25th, 1959 at 20 years old in Lincoln, Nebraska State Penitentiary (electrocution).

Michel Lotito

French eater (1950-2007).

Born June 15th, 1950 in Grenoble. [ref]

Died June 25th, 2007 at 57 years old in Grenoble. [ref]

Patrick Macnee

English actor (1922–2015).

Born February 6th, 1922 in Paddington.

Died June 25th, 2015 at 93 years old in Rancho Mirage.

Warren E. Burger

Chief justice of the united states from 1969 to 1986 (1907-1995).

Born September 17th, 1907 in Saint Paul. [ref]

Died June 25th, 1995 at 87 years old in Washington, D.C. (myocardial infarction). [ref]

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