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Harold Macmillan

British politician and prime minister (1894–1986).

Born February 10th, 1894 in Chelsea. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1986 at 92 years old in Sussex. [ref]

diplomat, military personnel, politician

Harold Macmillan, British statesman and former Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Sussex on December 29th, 1986, in his 92nd year. Macmillan served in World War I, exterior minister in the 1930s, and a Cabinet minister from 1940-45. He was the Conservative Prime Minister in 1957, succeeding Anthony Eden. During his tenure, he steadily guided Britain's economy towards the social structure of the welfare state. Macmillan did not aspire for reform in the finance, education, and pension systems, but instead sought an imperial reconciliation through such means as the Treaty of Rome. Macmillan is remembered as a man of high humor, graciousness and good sense. He was a strong believer in free trade and cooperation amongst world powers, and he maintained a strong presence throughout the Cold War. Macmillan was survived by his widow, Lady Dorothy, and his six children - Maurice, Julian, Sarah, Caroline, Anne, and baby daughter Katherine. He was committed to public service, and his legacy will no doubt live on in the hearts and minds of his constituents and loved ones alike.

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