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December 29th

157 Notable deaths


Brazilian footballer (1940–2022).

Born October 23rd, 1940 in Três Corações.

Died December 29th, 2022 at 82 years old in Morumbi District (multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, colorectal cancer). [ref]

M. G. Ramachandran

Film actor, chief minister of tamil nadu (1917-1987).

Born January 17th, 1917 in Kandy.

Died December 29th, 1987 at 70 years old in Chennai.

Harold Macmillan

British politician and prime minister (1894–1986).

Born February 10th, 1894 in Chelsea. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1986 at 92 years old in Sussex. [ref]

Andrei Tarkovsky

Soviet and russian filmmaker, writer, film editor, film theorist, and theatre and opera director (1932-1986).

Born April 4th, 1932 in Zavrazhye. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1986 at 54 years old in Paris (lung cancer). [ref]

Vivienne Westwood

British fashion designer (1941–2022).

Born April 8th, 1941 in Tintwistle.

Died December 29th, 2022 at 81 years old in Clapham. [ref]

Rainer Maria Rilke

Austrian poet and writer (1875-1926).

Born December 4th, 1875 in Prague. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1926 at 51 years old in Montreux (leukemia). [ref]

June Whitfield

English actress (1925-2018).

Born November 11th, 1925 in Streatham.

Died December 29th, 2018 at 93 years old in London. [ref]

Earl Hindman

American actor.

Born October 20th, 1942 in Bisbee.

Died December 29th, 2003 at 61 years old in Stamford (lung cancer).

Lita Grey

American actress (1908-1995).

Born April 15th, 1908 in Hollywood. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1995 at 87 years old in Los Angeles (cancer). [ref]

Pierre Cardin

French-italian fashion designer (1922-2020).

Born July 2nd, 1922 in Sant'Andrea di Barbarana. [ref]

Died December 29th, 2020 at 98 years old in Neuilly-sur-Seine. [ref]

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