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In the year 1986

531 Notable deaths

Wallis Simpson

American socialite and wife of the duke of windsor (1896-1986).

Born June 19th, 1896 in Blue Ridge Summit. [ref]

Died April 24th, 1986 at 89 years old in Villa Windsor. [ref]

Cary Grant

British-american actor (1904-1986).

Born January 18th, 1904 in Bristol. [ref]

Died November 29th, 1986 at 82 years old in Davenport (stroke, cerebral hemorrhage). [ref]

Barry Seal

American smuggler of drugs and arms, airplane pilot, and money launderer.

Born July 16th, 1939 in Baton Rouge.

Died February 19th, 1986 at 46 years old in Baton Rouge (ballistic trauma).

Desi Arnaz

Cuban-born american musician, actor and television producer (1917-1986).

Born March 2nd, 1917 in Santiago de Cuba.

Died December 2nd, 1986 at 69 years old in Del Mar (lung cancer).

Neerja Bhanot

Indian flight attendant, ashoka chakra recipient (1963-1986).

Born September 7th, 1963 in Chandigarh.

Died September 5th, 1986 at 22 years old in Karachi.

L. Ron Hubbard

American writer and church of scientology founder (1911–1986).

Born March 13th, 1911 in Tilden. [ref]

Died January 24th, 1986 at 74 years old in Creston (stroke). [ref]

Harold Macmillan

British politician and prime minister (1894–1986).

Born February 10th, 1894 in Chelsea. [ref]

Died December 29th, 1986 at 92 years old in Sussex. [ref]

Roy Cohn

American lawyer.

Born February 20th, 1927 in New York City.

Died August 2nd, 1986 at 59 years old in Bethesda (death from AIDS-related complications).

Donna Reed

American film and television actress (1921-1986).

Born January 27th, 1921 in Denison. [ref]

Died January 14th, 1986 at 64 years old in Beverly Hills (pancreatic cancer). [ref]

Georgia O'Keeffe

American artist (1887-1986).

Born November 15th, 1887 in Sun Prairie. [ref]

Died March 6th, 1986 at 98 years old in Santa Fe. [ref]

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