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In the year 1910

66 Notable deaths

O. Henry

American short story writer.

Born September 11th, 1862 in Greensboro. [ref]

Died June 5th, 1910 at 47 years old in New York City (pneumonia). [ref]


King of siam (1853-1910).

Born September 20th, 1853 in Grand Palace.

Died October 23rd, 1910 at 57 years old in Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall (kidney disease).

Hawley Harvey Crippen

American physician, salesman, murderer.

Born September 11th, 1862 in Coldwater.

Died November 23rd, 1910 at 48 years old in London (hanging).

Huo Yuanjia

Chinese martial artist.

Born January 18th, 1868 in Jinghai District.

Died August 9th, 1910 at 42 years old in Shanghai (arsenic poisoning).

An Jung-geun

Korean independence activist, nationalist (1879-1910).

Born September 2nd, 1879 in Haeju.

Died March 26th, 1910 at 30 years old in L├╝shunkou District (hanging).

Luo Yixiu

First wife of the future chinese revolutionary and political leader mao zedong (1889-1910).

Born October 20th, 1889 in Shaoshan.

Died February 11th, 1910 at 20 years old in Shaoshan (disease).

Charles Rolls

Motoring and aviation pioneer, co-founder of rolls-royce.

Born August 27th, 1877 in Berkeley Square.

Died July 12th, 1910 at 32 years old in Bournemouth.

Granville Woods

American inventor.

Born April 23rd, 1856 in Columbus.

Died January 30th, 1910 at 53 years old in New York City (smallpox, cerebral hemorrhage).

Luigi Lucheni

Italian anarchist and the assassin of empress elisabeth of austria.

Born April 22nd, 1873 in Paris. [ref]

Died October 19th, 1910 at 37 years old in Geneva (hanging). [ref]

Mikhail Vrubel

Russian painter (1856-1910).

Born March 17th, 1856 in Omsk. [ref]

Died April 14th, 1910 at 54 years old in Saint Petersburg (syphilis). [ref]

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