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9 Notable deaths
 by barbiturate overdose

Marilyn Monroe

American actress, model, and singer (1926-1962).

Born June 1st, 1926 in Los Angeles. [ref]

Died August 5th, 1962 at 36 years old in Brentwood (barbiturate overdose).

Judy Garland

American actress and singer (1922–1969).

Born June 10th, 1922 in Grand Rapids. [ref]

Died June 22nd, 1969 at 47 years old in Chelsea (barbiturate overdose).

Margaux Hemingway

American fashion model and actress.

Born February 16th, 1955 in Portland.

Died July 2nd, 1996 at 41 years old in Santa Monica (barbiturate overdose). [ref]

Lupe Vélez

Mexican actress, dancer and vedette (1908-1944).

Born July 18th, 1908 in San Luis Potosí.

Died December 13th, 1944 at 36 years old in Beverly Hills (barbiturate overdose).

Mary Ure

Scottish stage and film actress (1933-1975).

Born February 18th, 1933 in Glasgow. [ref]

Died April 3rd, 1975 at 42 years old in London (barbiturate overdose). [ref]

Trevor Goddard

English boxer and actor (1962-2003).

Born October 14th, 1962 in Croydon.

Died June 8th, 2003 at 40 years old in North Hollywood (barbiturate overdose).

Jerzy Kosiński

Polish-american novelist.

Born June 14th, 1933 in Łódź. [ref]

Died May 3rd, 1991 at 57 years old in Manhattan (barbiturate overdose). [ref]

Pina Pellicer

Mexican actress (1934-1964).

Born April 3rd, 1934 in Mexico City.

Died December 4th, 1964 at 30 years old in Mexico City (barbiturate overdose).

Miroslava Stern

Czechoslovak-mexican actress (c. 1926-1955).

Born February 26th, 1926 in Prague. [ref]

Died March 9th, 1955 at 29 years old in Mexico City (barbiturate overdose). [ref]

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