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April 25th

156 Notable deaths

Bea Arthur

American actress and comedian (1922–2009).

Born May 13th, 1922 in New York City.

Died April 25th, 2009 at 86 years old in Brentwood (cancer). [ref]

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

American rapper and singer (1971–2002).

Born May 27th, 1971 in Philadelphia.

Died April 25th, 2002 at 30 years old in La Ceiba (traffic collision).

Harry Belafonte

American singer, activist, and actor.

Born March 1st, 1927 in New York City, Harlem.

Died April 25th, 2023 at 96 years old in New York City, Upper West Side (heart failure). [ref]

Ginger Rogers

American actress and dancer (1911-1995).

Born July 16th, 1911 in Independence. [ref]

Died April 25th, 1995 at 83 years old in Rancho Mirage (diabetes). [ref]

Valerie Solanas

American radical feminist and author (1936-1988).

Born April 9th, 1936 in Ventnor City.

Died April 25th, 1988 at 52 years old in San Francisco (pneumonia).

George Sanders

British actor (1906-1972).

Born July 3rd, 1906 in Saint Petersburg. [ref]

Died April 25th, 1972 at 65 years old in Castelldefels (drug overdose). [ref]

Pamela Courson

Common-law wife of jim morrison.

Born December 22nd, 1946 in Weed. [ref]

Died April 25th, 1974 at 27 years old in Los Angeles (drug overdose). [ref]

David A. Kennedy

Fourth of robert f. kennedy's children.

Born June 15th, 1955 in Washington, D.C..

Died April 25th, 1984 at 28 years old in The Brazilian Court (drug overdose).

John Havlicek

American basketball player.

Born April 8th, 1940 in Martins Ferry.

Died April 25th, 2019 at 79 years old in Jupiter (Parkinson's disease). [ref]

Jane Jacobs

American–canadian journalist, author on urbanism and activist (1916-2006).

Born May 4th, 1916 in Scranton. [ref]

Died April 25th, 2006 at 89 years old in Toronto (stroke). [ref]

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Those men who, in war, seek to preserve their lives at any rate commonly die with shame and ignominy, while those who look upon death as common to all, and unavoidable, and are only solicitous to die with honour, oftener arrive at old age and, while they live, live happier. Xenophon