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In the year 2000

602 Notable deaths

Hedy Lamarr

Austrian-american actress and co-inventor of an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping (1914-2000).

Born November 9th, 1914 in Vienna. [ref]

Died January 19th, 2000 at 85 years old in Casselberry (cardiovascular disease). [ref]

Pierre Trudeau

15th prime minister of canada (1919-2000).

Born October 18th, 1919 in Montreal. [ref]

Died September 28th, 2000 at 80 years old in Montreal (prostate cancer). [ref]

Alec Guinness

British actor (1914–2000).

Born April 2nd, 1914 in Marylebone. [ref]

Died August 5th, 2000 at 86 years old in Midhurst (liver cancer). [ref]

Walter Matthau

American actor (1920–2000).

Born October 1st, 1920 in New York City.

Died July 1st, 2000 at 79 years old in Santa Monica (myocardial infarction, colorectal cancer). [ref]

Jim Varney

American actor and comedian (1949–2000).

Born June 15th, 1949 in Lexington.

Died February 10th, 2000 at 50 years old in White House (lung cancer).


American professional wrestler (1966-2000).

Born October 2nd, 1966 in San Francisco.

Died October 23rd, 2000 at 34 years old in Liverpool (pulmonary edema).

Kirsty MacColl

English singer and songwriter (1959-2000).

Born October 10th, 1959 in Croydon. [ref]

Died December 18th, 2000 at 41 years old in Cozumel Island.

Paula Yates

British television presenter and writer.

Born April 24th, 1959 in Colwyn Bay.

Died September 17th, 2000 at 41 years old in London (drug overdose).

Terence McKenna

American writer.

Born November 16th, 1946 in Paonia.

Died April 3rd, 2000 at 53 years old in San Rafael (brain cancer).

Big Pun

American rapper (1971–2000).

Born November 9th, 1971 in The Bronx.

Died February 7th, 2000 at 28 years old in White Plains (myocardial infarction).

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